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Mega Bundle

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Fanattik supplies retailers and sometimes pieces they send stock back to us, some items have been taken out of the bag, some may have had a price sticker on the box which has left a mark, these items would look great in anyone's collection but due to the lack of packaging or a minor scuff we cannot send them back out. So what are we going to do..... create a MEGA BUNDLE that's what!

Each one of our mega bundles contains at least 10 official pieces of video game and film related merchandise with a current retail value of over £100.

We have all been at comic cons and seen stands selling mystery boxes, you open them up and if you're lucky there is just one good item in there. This is not the Fanattik way, we are going to cram that box with as many cool pieces as we can.

Please note : This item is only available in the UK