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The Art of Collecting Coins

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Friend of Fanattik Jonathan has been collecting coins for many years, and has been explaining what he finds so fascinating about it.

"Numismatics – the discipline of coin collecting – is one of the most loved hobbies the world over. Coins are of their very nature a highly collectible item, since they are often beautiful objects of inherent value, relatively small in size, and offer pleasure in both look and feel. While traditionally coins are associated with currency, mankind’s fascination with these trinkets has resulted in coins being minted purely for one’s enjoyment – not as a denominator of money, but as an attractive disc of metal to be held and enjoyed.

In an age where fandoms are prevalent worldwide, particularly related to video games and movie franchises, it is of little wonder that collectible coins related to such fandoms are highly sought after. The wide range of stunning collectible coins available on Fanattik is a prime example of this phenomenon. Be it the allure of the magical world of Harry Potter, or the vast open plains of Skyrim, it is worth considering the most attractive features of collectible coins in this context.

Skyrim coin

First and foremost, there is no denying that these coins are things of beauty. Gone are the days of roughly hewn pieces of dull metal – thanks to technological advancements in the field of machining, coins are nowadays expertly crafted and machined to perfection. There is an undeniable sense of wonder in looking upon the fine detailing embossed or etched on such as small piece of metal. The designs can of course vary in myriad ways, depending on what is being represented. There truly is a coin for every person out there.

The very material from which coins are made is also worth noting. In an age where disposable and plastic items of no value are used and thrown away without a second thought, there really is something to be said about premium materials, metal being chief among them. Nothing comes close to that solid, cold substance, built to last and clinking merrily when knocked against a surface. The metal’s colour is also worth mentioning – ranging from dull, distressed grey, to bright, shiny silver, gold, or anything in between – there really is a sheen to suit anyone’s tastes.

Universal coins

The different ways in which collectible coins can be appreciated is also testament to their multifaceted nature. Most coin collectors enjoy filing away their coins in binders or albums, to be considered fondly page by page. Others give their coins pride of place on display shelves, units or even frames – indeed coins are a guaranteed conversation starter in any setting. Yet other people want to truly enjoy their favourite coin on a daily basis and carry it around with them as they go about their day. Having a “lucky” coin in your pocket, to feel and fidget with as you go about your business, is fast becoming a very common practice, particularly among EDC (every-day carry) enthusiasts.

A concluding thought relates to the purely collectible side of coins, that is when a coin is released as an actual limited, numbered edition. This is common on Fanattik, where a number of coins are limited in release to just 9,995 pieces worldwide. Having the actual number engraved or etched in the coin boosts its collectability aspect in an exponential manner. It is always such a satisfying feeling to know that you own “coin number X of Y worldwide”, not to mention the added anticipation of checking which number you get when the coin arrives – could it be your lucky number, number 1, 100, 1337 or the very last one?

Harry Potter coin

Be sure to check out Fanattik’s wonderful range of collectible coins and you will definitely fall in love with one (or several!). Happy collecting!"

You can follow Jonathan on YouTube here, and if you'd like to write for Fanattik, pitch your blog here.

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