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Our Favourite Photos

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It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to go to Comic Cons, and everyone at Fanattik has been reminiscing about their best times, and sharing their favourite photos, so we’d thought we’d share them all with you here!

Anthony – The Boss
Anthony’s pictures are from a Star Trek convention in Germany a few years ago, where he sat in the bridge of the Enterprise, and met the original Chekov, Walter Koenig!

Anthony and Walter Koenig Anthony on the bridge of the Enterprise

Louise – Marketing Madam
Because she is smiling in this picture in front of the original Batmobile at London Comic Con, Anthony thinks it was probably before he and Louise got married.

Louise at London Comic Con

Luiz – Sales
Some of Luiz’s favourite Comic Con pictures include these with Vault Boy and Kratos.

Luiz and Vault Boy Luiz and Kratos

Melissa – Product Development
Melissa is our resident Harry Potter expert, so her favourite picture was predictable! This is her at Hogsmeade at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida. She said “Even just walking around Hogsmeade is great in the sunshine, the theme music is playing, you can grab a bite to eat in the pub, there’s random activities going on around different corners.”
Also, if you look closely, there’s a familiar looking scar on her forehead!

Melissa in Hogsmeade

Oli – Digital Marketing
Oli’s two pictures are from the same trip across America; firstly outside Hook & Ladder 8 in New York, the fire station where Ghostbusters was filmed, and the second one is doing the a Rocky pose at the top of the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, just as Sly did back in 1976.

Oli in New York Oli in Philadelphia

Cameron – Graphic Design
Cameron managed to trump everyone with his pictures. Here is what he had to say about them, “You are looking at my mug in our own personal cinema! My Dad and I built this back in April 2019. It all started when he bought himself a projector and had nowhere to put it, so the only logical conclusion was to erect six metre long shed to house it and dedicate a three meter wall to a screen! I put in the log burner in the summer and recently decked it out with a 5.1 surround sound that now shakes the windows in our house! We also have been slowly filling the walls with movie posters and oddities. Some of which include things from films like Marvel's Avengers, Laurel and Hardy, Harry Potter, Back to The Future, The Big Lebowski (one of my personal favourites) and so much more. I don’t think we will ever be done until we have filled every square inch of it with some sort of movie or video game memorabilia. It is the perfect space for us to geek out over the latest video games and movies as well as revisit classics.”

Cameron in his private cinema Cameron in his private cinema 2 Cameron in his private cinema 3

Cameron's private cinema panorama

OK, Cameron wins. Everyone round to his!

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