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Meet the Team; Anthony

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In our Meet the Team series we've already introduced you to our Head of Product Development & Design Melissa and  Designer, Toby so now we thought we'd introduce you to le grand fromage himself... Anthony. 

Anthony, Fanattik Founder

Here, we ask our Fanattik founder about his favourite things;

Favourite films?
I am a big Indiana Jones fan, with my favourite being the Last Crusade. For my wife’s birthday we went to Venice and while we were there I insisted we visit all the sites from the film that were shot in the city. Another big one for me is Rogue One, the ending of that film, the way they connected it to the originals just blew my mind when I saw it in the cinema, in my opinion it is the best Star Wars film ever made.

Indiana Jones Venice

Favourite Games?
It's all about retro for me. My very first memory of a video game was my dad buying my brother and me Pong and then my second memory was playing Paperboy on an old black and white TV. My favourite game at the moment is Doom Eternal as it really captures the spirit of the original game.

Favourite Book?
This is going to sound weird but I bought my 6 year old a kids book of the Back to The Future film, I picked it up when visiting London Comic Con one year and held on to it until she was old enough to understand what was going on. I’m a big fan of the film and the way the editors turned it into a kids version was really clever (so no bad guys shooting the Doc at the beginning).

Favourite holiday destination?
Disneyland, the weirdest one being Hong Kong Disneyland, its so small you can do the whole thing (including all the rides) in just one day.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Who would you invite to a dinner party?
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, enough said.

Favourite Fanattik product?
The Alien bottle opener, I think its such a cool item and really detailed, we are so happy with the way that item turned out from the initial sketches we created.

Alien Bottle Opener

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