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Looking Ahead To A Jurassic World

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Last year our friend Tom, a Jurassic Fanattik, wrote a great blog  for us, looking back at 25 years of Jurassic Park. This year, Tom's Looking Ahead To A Jurassic World...


Jurassic Mainstreet

When we last sat down to talk about the Jurassic franchise it was to reflect on the original film, Jurassic Park, and how that film has stayed relevant in pop culture twenty-five years after its initial release. As a  recent article from Forbes recently highlighted, however, the Jurassic World franchise is Hollywood’s most profitable -  meaning that more fans than ever before are interacting with the dino-filled series. In fact, the five Jurassic movies have earned $5.009 billion at the time of this – emphasising just how popular the franchise continues to be.

In today’s blog post I wanted to move forward from the past, and reflect on today. What experiences do we have which allow us to embrace this franchise in the modern day? And what can we look forward to in the future? Join me as we explore a Jurassic Word together in this special blog post.


Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

The first thing to talk about is, of course, the films. It is safe to say that the films remain popular with so many of us Jurassic fans, and for good reason! The Jurassic films have always committed to making meaningful and engaging stories which have a real focus on narrative – allowing audiences to form genuine connections with the events which unfold on the screen. Whilst the films don’t always do this flawlessly, it is safe to say that most of the films are incredibly enjoyable in their own right – making them timeless classics which audiences can enjoy. I believe this is a key factor in not only Jurassic World’s success financially, but also in its position within pop culture, as this commitment to quality is usually well received by fans and encourages them to really connect with and engage with the things which unfold on screen. If new films continue to be released, fans will continue to form connections with the franchise and will continue to engage with the brand beyond just the films themselves.


Evolution of Claire

Another thing which has helped to solidify Jurassic’s position within the pop culture community is the gradual increase in additional expanded material which we have seen recently. This isn’t something like Star Wars – the additional stories told within the Jurassic medium are incredibly condensed currently, but many of them build upon interesting story threads which help to keep fans engaged in the wider Jurassic World. A Good example of this is the Evolution of Claire ­– a novel which adds greater context to the events which unfold on Isla Nublar in Jurassic World. Another good example of this additional fictional material can be found in the viral marketing created by the Chaos Theorem team – helping to further immerse audiences within the world of Jurassic. This commitment to expanding the storytelling through additional mediums off-screen really helps to further immerse us within the franchise as an audience – leading to it resonating with us even more. This is another big factor of the prevalence of Jurassic World, in my opinion.


Jurassic World Evolution

The presence of the Jurassic franchise is also further enhanced by the recent prominence of video games – helping to further our connection with the franchise in new and engaging interactive mediums. It is important to note, however, that Jurassic video games are not new. Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis and Jurassic Park: Trespasser were two games which formed the crux of the franchise in the past – but it is safe to say that Universal have put a renewed effort into using video games as an additional medium for exploring the franchise. Not only did we see LEGO Jurassic World, which was a fantastic retelling of the first-four films in an interactive LEGO format not too dis-similar to the Star Wars and Marvel LEGO games, but we also got Jurassic World Evolution, a wonderful game which gave fans the ability to craft their very own Jurassic World. As fans of this fictional world, it is safe to say that games which engage and reward our imagination are always well received – helping to further exasperate the level of immersion which the modern Jurassic World franchise offers to its fans.


Jurassic Park collectible coin

Another key element in keeping the Jurassic franchise fresh and relevant is the vast array of fantastic merchandise which is available for Jurassic fans to sink their teeth into. There is a plethora of fantastic products out there – from intricately detailed and highly-articulated action figures from Mattel, to wonderfully quirky models of dinosaurs and locations we see in the films from LEGO, to the fantastic replica pieces of limited-edition memorabilia available right here on the Fanattik website! It is safe to say that all this merchandise keeps fans invested in the franchise – providing an element of collectability which allows them to get their hands on something real and tangible from the fictional Jurassic World. This further builds the relationships which fans share with this beloved franchise – allowing them to have small pieces of the world as a part of their own collections. It is safe to say that as a fan myself, I am ALWAYS excited to see what merchandise comes next – even if my wallet doesn’t necessarily always agree!


Camp Cretaceous

So, we have spoken a lot about how the franchise has remained prevalent in the modern day – but, as the title “Looking Ahead To Jurassic World” suggests, I also want to look at how Jurassic World will continue to grow and expand in the future. The most obvious and apparent way in which this will happen is through the third installment in the Jurassic World franchise – Jurassic World Dominion. Dominion will pick up from the aftermath of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom to take dinosaurs out into the wild – something which we haven’t seen from a Jurassic film apart from the relatively self-contained San Diego sequence. This alone has kept fans excited and engaged – but it isn’t the only thing fans have to look forward to. We also have the short-animated series Camp Cretaceous to look forward to, which should be debuting on Netflix at some point this year. It is safe to say that these two properties alone are likely to keep the franchise prevalent for many more years to come – with more projects and products in the pipeline for the future. These future projects have me excited as I have a feeling that they will continue to make this a firmly Jurassic world, but there is one thing which I think will continue to maintain Jurassic’s prevalence.


The Jurassic Community

The thing which I feel will ensure that this remains a very Jurassic world for years to come is the passion and enthusiasm which the community has for this franchise. There are so many people from different walks of life who commit their time and their energy to producing content around this franchise. I am lucky enough to work for Jurassic Park Podcast, Collect Jurassic & Jurassic Collectables – three of a plethora of different outlets out there which provide an assortment of great content. It is the raw and infectious passion of so many people from across the globe which will continue to make this franchise a cult phenomenon for many years to come. I am excited to see what ideas and initiatives the community come up with next – and am excited to be a small part of what I believe is a truly special place on the internet.

That sums up my look at Jurassic World’s prevalence, and also why I believe this franchise will continue to be influential for many years to come. I hope you have enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Jurassic collection here on Fanattik, and let me know which is your favourite over on Social Media!

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