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January New Releases

Posted by Team Fanattik on

January is here and it has brought with it the cold weather, a new president, and a whole swathe of new Fanattik products! All of the below items are available for pre-order from today (Friday 22nd January 2021), so make sure you get yours ordered before they sell out!

First up is this Sea of Thieves Athena’s Fortune ship’s plaque, limited to 5,000 worldwide and comes with a display stand and its very own map. Prove to your friends that you’re a Pirate Legend with this proudly on display! Click here.

Next up is this Fallout Nuka-World silver plated ticket, available for pre-order. You can visit Safari Adventure, the Galactic Zone, or Dry Rock Gulch with this collectible, limited to 5000 worldwide. Click here.

It’s not just gaming items available from today, as we also have this Jurassic Park InGen keyring, giving you level one security clearance! This is limited to 9995 worldwide and is individually numbered on the reverse. Click here.

Whether it’s alcoholic or not, this Monster Hunter World Great Sword bottle opener will help you open your drinks, just make sure you are experienced enough to wield it properly! Click here.

And last but not least of our new releases today is this terrifying but somehow also enticing Alien Xenomorph ingot, featuring a drone on one side and a facehugger on the reverse. Limited to 5000 worldwide, it comes with a display stand and is available to pre-order right now! Click here.

Keep your eyes peeled for more new products before January is out!

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