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Halloween gifts for film and gaming fans

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It's fair to say that Halloween might look a little different this year - it is 2020 after all! Whilst we don't have any tricks up our sleeve, we do have plenty of treats. So if you're a fan of thrilling films and gory games, or know someone who is, read on...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

New to Fanattik this year, and released just in time for Halloween, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre collection includes limited editions featuring Leatherface such as this pin badge, keyring and collectible coin.

Texas Chainsaw collectible pinTexas Chainsaw keyringTexas Chainsaw limited edition coin

Cornetto Trilogy

More zom-rom-com than horror, the Cornetto Trilogy is a firm favourite at Fanattik and these Sam Gilbey illustrated limited edition art prints for Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End were a hit with Simon Pegg and film critic Ali Plumb too.

Simon Pegg and Ali Plumb

Don't forget to check out the Winchester Tavern bottle opener. It's embossed with Shaun's infamous 2004 line that's made a come back for 2020 as we 'wait for all this to blow over'.

Child's Play

Show your best friend that you're one of the Good Guys with a Chucky gift this Halloween. Check out the limited edition Chucky pin badge or a collectible coin. This is the second collectible coin in the Chucky x Fanattik collection, with the first selling out quickly.


It first made a splash when Jaws was THE summer blockbuster of 1975 and 45 years later the Amity Island thriller is still making waves with film fans. So, pair this surfboard bottle opener with a set of drink coasters to make the perfect Halloween treat for movie lovers.

Jaws bottle openerJaws drink coasters


Perfect for pin colletors, this set of antique finish Alien pin badges is limited to only 1000 worldwide and is available for £24.99 now.


Looking for a Halloween gift for a gamer? This Doom pennant flag would make a great addition to a gaming set up.

Resident Evil

Launched this year and already best-sellers, these Resident Evil 2 medallion replicas are limited to just 5000 worldwide. Choose from the unicorn, maiden or lion, each of which come in a presentation box with display stand making them an ideal Halloween gift for a Resident Evil fan.

Resident Evil unicorn medallionResident Evil unicorn medallionResident Evil lion medallion


Universal Monsters

A little old school horror makes the perfect Halloween present. This Universal Monsters collectible coin album contains The Mummy, Dracula and Frankenstein coins, all individually numbered.

To shop horror at Fanattik, click here. Happy haunting!


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