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Christmas Films

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Films are obviously one of the key topics of conversation at Fanattik HQ, and of late the subject has naturally steered towards Christmas films. We decided to all vote for our favourites, each picking two films, and there was a clear winner.

#1 Elf (2003)
Jon Favreau’s comedy, voted for by Louise, Melissa, and Luiz, was top of the list. Spawning a Broadway musical and an animated special, the film’s popularity has grown and grown since its release.

#2 Die Hard (1988)
Ah, the age-old debate about whether it’s a Christmas film or not. Which to be honest, is a pointless debate as it clearly is a Christmas film. The whole thing takes place at a Christmas party! This was voted for by Anthony and Oli, both of whom are surprised that everybody didn’t vote for it.

Die Hard print

=#3 Home Alone (1990)
Macaulay Culkin’s star-making film was voted for by Melissa, and is timeless. Who didn’t fantasise about setting traps in their home as a child? Although there’s a fan theory that Kevin could have called the police at any time, and that he was hunting the criminals and enjoying the pain he caused. Makes you see it in a different light…

=#3 Bad Santa (2003)
2003 was a golden year for Christmas comedies, with this also being released just a couple of weeks after Elf. Voted for by Cameron, Billy Bob Thornton’s reprobate Santa in this black comedy was popular enough to get a 2016 sequel, which was much less popular.

=#3 Miracle on 34th Street (1994)
Louise picked this film, the first remake on the list. Made at the height of Mara Wilson’s fame and adorable-ness (being released between Mrs Doubtfire and Matilda), and during Richard Attenborough’s friendly old man period (see Jurassic Park), the movie tells the story of a man trying to convince a court that he is in fact Santa Claus.

=#3 Gremlins (1984)
The only one on the list with a tinge of horror, Luiz picked Joe Dante’s story of a cute and cuddly Mogwai, who reproduces by getting wet, with the resulting offspring morphing into terrifying Gremlins by eating after midnight. The second film (and not last) on the list with Chris Columbus’ involvement, there was a huge merchandising campaign surrounding it, which generated enough interest to warrant a sequel.

Gremlins coin

=#3 The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)
Not strictly a remake, more a separate adaptation of the novel, this was voted for by Oli, who sees it as the definitive adaptation of Dickens. It truly has everything; comedy, romance, drama, horror, songs, Kermit. The fact that nobody else voted for this film is a downright travesty (and see if you can guess who is writing this blog).

=#3 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
And last but not least is famed Christmas film *checks notes* Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone? Is this a mistake? It’s not a Christmas film! Who voted for this? Melissa? She’s already picked two!

Harry Potter

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