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A quick guide to a gallery wall

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When you invite someone into your home, you give them a snapshot of your style and taste. Your home décor is a way for you to express yourself and what better way to pull together something that shares your interests and passions than a gallery wall. It’s the ideal way to showcase your favourite prints, photos, paintings and other personal pieces all in one place so here are some tips and ideas to get you started.

Be smart with your art

You might be using pieces you already own or buying new prints especially but don’t even thing about hanging anything until you have everything in one place and can work out how you’re going to tie it all together.

You could go with a theme like movies, places you've been or family photos.

Gallery walls

or choose a colour palette, such as blue to work with, that pulls together your taste in travel, music and more.

or use it as a way to display your children's artwork like this one from Suzi B at mum.made.interiors over on Instagram

Kitchen gallery wall, kids art

If the pieces themselves have nothing in common, you could use the frames to add some cohesion. We like the Inov8 frames available on Amazon as they have so many size and colour options and they’re really affordable. If you’re mixing & matching your frames though, check out Wilko, B&M and of course Ikea.

Flat lay

Lay it out on the floor and use cardboard or newspaper to create templates you can stick to wall. Place the biggest piece in middle and work your way out, checking spacing and the overall shape. Aim for about 5cm between each frame and if you want to be consistent, think about using a spacer template rather than a tape measure each time.

When it comes to transferring your template to the wall, start around 150cm from the floor and if you’re placing it above a sofa, leave a minimum of 15cm between that and your first frame.

Top tip: Check out gallery walls on Pinterest for inspiration and layout templates.

Hang it

Make sure you have your tools at the ready… spirit level, hooks, hammer and an extra pair of hands if possible.

Start from the bottom. Don’t forget your hooks will need to go in different places depending on the frame so mount each one on the wall as you go so you can double check positioning.

Stand back and admire, then invite your friends over so they can do the same!

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